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When God Intervenes

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Sometimes I just get myself going on something, good or bad and I can’t be stopped. It’s like I have a one-track mind or a record playing and skipping back to that same place, playing over and over. Sometimes this helps me cope and pull through with a bright idea when I’ve been stuck on something or I’m working on a project. But other times, there’s just nothing good going to come from it, mostly because I haven’t stopped to ask God or to listen for God. My thought pattern the past few days was one of those times. And today God stopped me in my tracks as I barreled forward on one of those tracks. I wouldn’t describe it as hitting a wall but it sure did make an impact. The events of today make me realize that I’m thankful for the wake up call and a reminder of how much I need to really open up and include God. I don’t know what would have happened if I had continued on my track today without intervention but I don’t think the result would have been as positive as what I am thinking now. I think to myself, if I had really taken the actions or said what I really wanted to say, what would the potential good outcome have been? And then there’s silence (even though yes it is silent as I am talking in my own mind!). I do remember thinking, “I should pray about this” but then never taking the time to really pray. I kept getting distracted or not being able to get the noise out of my head. I kept over-talking God!

So today God picked me up and put me on another track, His track and I am reminded of how powerful, awesome and might He is! We don’t have to wait to ask for the big things but need to have a constant, continual relationship and conversation with our God. Sit back and enjoy the quiet and listen for God. He is there.

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