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Taking the High Road

Taking the high road is tough. Imagine the incline. The canyon walls jutting sharply into the cyan sky, contrasting in red, orange and rust. Stretching each muscle, reaching and securing your footing at each step. Gravel and rocks move under your feet but you find your stable footing, and you open your eyes to look around. You realize you’re soaring high above, the wind whips your hair and you breath in the fresh, crisp air. It is treacherous of course, a slow and steady climb. But as your eyes search the valley below, studying the winding stream, the quaking aspens, the chipmunk and squirrels scurrying about, you feel the wave of peace wash over you. The peace invites you to continue higher. As you ascend, you feel accomplished and a slow smile spreads across your face. You see the top of the trail ahead, reaching and pushing yourself to the summit. Up here there is no time to wallow, all attention must be focused on moving ahead. One slip and you’re back to where you started, or worse. You are determined to stay on course, to reach the top, to feel the success. You feel empowered, ready to conquer the next mountain!

But once at the top, the overwhelming sense of peace and awe hit and you stop to take in this moment. You, my friend, have survived! You believed in yourself. You did not let the situation, the circumstances, the elements get to you but rather stayed the course. You set your mind to the goal and did not let go or look back. You trusted yourself and the path. You are free!

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